LIONEL PODCAST: The Bitcoin Revolution Will Be Televised

The revolution has commenced. The Inside Bitcoins conclave was mind-altering and life-changing. I was honored to speak before such an august crew.

Mediabistro is leading the way and the charge in Bitcoin awareness and conversance. This is not a fad or gimmick. This is not trending or viral. This is a revolution. And scares the ruling class to death.

The topic was simple: How to explicate and limn the rudiments of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency revolution to the ignorant and naysayers. They were rapt and wrapped while I rapped.

The Javits Center is the epicenter of the Bitcoins revolution.

It was thrilling. Seriously. The convention I attended and spoke before yesterday was one of the most important events of my recent life for a number of reasons. It was a conclave of bright, young, focused, determined and dedicated revolutionaries. And if they didn’t think so before my address, I trust they felt so after. They hadn’t, I respectfully submit, appreciated the monumental attack that Bitcoins and virtual and cryptocurrencies presented to the ruling class and asset-striking globalist hyenas and jackals. That may have seemed a tad strong, but it’s nonetheless true. There’s a spirit of seismic change. A feeling that this is more than a cutesy faddish wonky geeky flash in the pan. This is real, tumultuous and far-reaching.

The focus is revolution and the podcast addresses that concept from myriad angles. It covers areas and subjects that I’m passionate about. Extremely passionate. As you’ll hear. Enjoy.

My video compendium on Bitcoins. The abecedarian to be sure, but nonetheless comprehensive, I trust.

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