LIONEL PODCAST: Revolution Is in Our DNA

We were born in revolution. Do you have any idea of what that even means? This is not just an expression or a trite phrase. It’s the absolute truth. It’s the prolegomenon of our country. We’ve revolution in our DNA and I would think a sentience as to that which is devoted to the simple idea that the government is a service, i.e, it serves you at your behest. And you needn’t apologize for daring to challenge it when ether it’s Cliven Bundy or George Washington or little old you. And this isn’t some contrived liberty shibboleth. I believe this from the bottom of my heart. It’s part of my dream to have the government fear the citizens as opposed to the other way around. And there are scores and passels if you who agree. This I know.

But the show must go on.N.B.The podcast is smattered with other topics and ideas inter alia. In fact it ends with one of the best renditions of standard bluegrass on that which is not a standard. I touch on a variety of subjects in the news including the bulletproof Al Sharpton who’s conflated the notion of whistleblower versus informant, stool pigeon and rat. I guess Sammy the Bull’s a hero too by his calculus. But blessed be the unscathed. And look, let’s celebrate the impenetrability of those who constantly dodge and evade disaster. Case in point. Bill Clinton, the disgraced Prez, the impeached POTUS who redefines gargantuan and elephantine balls and is the poster boy of chutzpah. Podcasts are streams of consciousness, riffs and thought rhythms. It’s magical. And I know that sounds corny. But one of the definitions if corny is true.

Here’s a bit of memory lane video. An abecedarian look at the essentials and rudiments of liberty and what the hell tyranny looks like. All in a snappy delivery and 4/4 logic. I was speaking last night about the hypermilitarization of the police at a frightening clip. Remember Andy Taylor, Norman Rockwell? Officer Friendly? They’re gone, Sparky. Meet Robocop.

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