LIONEL VIDEO: Making the Legal Case for Donald Sterling

Prolegomenon. He’s a wizened, hobbled, hoary coot lumbering into decrepitude and hateful senescence. And once a very trusted name as the referenced supra suggests. Now, cerumen has more worth than this feller. But were it not for the trespassorial interception of Methuselah’s rants and raves anent race against California law none of this would have occurred. Why? Because anyone with a dial-up modem, two neurons to rub together and five minutes could have determined from the outset this guy’s history and racist pedigree. It was the visored vixen’s purloined conversations that this case is all about. Period.

So, herein is the case of why the NBA’s claims against him should be dismissed because the source of his words was via theft. And in the spirit of a Fourth Amendment analog, everything should fall. N.B. I know full well that the Bill of Rights don’t apply to private entities, but the spirit of such should out of a strict bow to equity end this nonsense.

Even racists have rights.

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