LIONEL VIDEO: How Clinton & O.J. Could Have Escaped Their Fates

Let’s play What If? Assume arguendothat we could go back in time and changed a few simple but critical facts anent Bubba the Randy POTUS and O.J. Two very simple facts and scenario switchers that would have changed and altered dramatically the course of modern history.

O.J. would have never had a bloody glove, blood in the Bronco, the ridiculous claims that he was practicing gold shots whilst he waited for the limo, the mysterious shadow entering his home, none of that had he not left the scene of the murder. The murder he committed.

And as far as the Slickster, everything derived from the deposition statement he made as to having sex with Lewinsky. A deposition that was the product of the Paula Jones suit. A suit that he could have voluntarily defaulted on. His friends and cronies would have paid whatever damages were assessed. Think of it. No lawsuit, no deposition, no prevarication, no impeachment. Nada.

I explain infra.

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