LIONEL VIDEO: Drug Laws Are Insane

This is from Monday’s New York Times “exposé” on a glut and flood of heroin in New York City.

The flood of heroin coming into and going out of New York City has surged to the highest levels in more than two decades, alarming law enforcement officials who say that bigger players are now entering the market to sell the drug here and to feed a growing appetite along the East Coast.

The amount of heroin seized in investigations involving the city’s special narcotics prosecutor has already surpassed last year’s totals, and is higher than any year going back to 1991.

And two obvious conclusions or at least realities should jump from the pages and grab you by the throat. First, with drug penalties at their stiffest, prosecutions at an all time high, with more people in jail and prison than any country or civilization on the planet, drug use and trafficking are at an all time high thus showing yet again the folly of this fictive and counterfeit war on drugs.

And the source of heroin in great part is Afghanistan, the epicenter and corporate headquarters of terrorism. Our ally. Our confederate in the imaginary and pretextual war on terror. Afghanistan that happens to be the Saudi Arabia of lithium with trillions of dollars in previous metals veins, natural gas, name it. And one of the agreements made in letting us seize this strategic goldmine (literally!) is to let their opium production continue unhindered and unencumbered.

I know the Times has been busy lately with the shitcanning of Jill Abramson for being too bitchy or bossy or presumptuous, but you’d think the thrust and gravamen of the piece would have been these two obvious and most salient points.

Just take a second look at these mind-blowing and boggling and jaw-dropping stats. G’head. We were the best thing to happen to heroin production since jazz.

And one more’s not going to kill you. Can you believe this? This is our ally. In what I’m not sure. The country’s been fed a load of shite that Afghanistan was corporate headquarters for al Qaeda. Or was it Iraq? You were frothed and frenzied after witnessing the inconceivable horrors of 9/11 and while you were beet red and filled with vengeance they pointed to Afghanistan, dubbed the graveyard of empires, and you said, sure. Whatever you say. If that’s where the bastards are, that’s where we’re going. Ha! Gotcha. Again.

Daddy, what did you do in the war?And look at these brave Marines walking in poppy fields during security patrols in the Helmand Province. This makes me sick. And should the scores of infantalized flag wavers whose contribution to patriotism is a lapel pin, a support the troops bumper sticker and mindless, narcotized drool vision of Fox News. Anyone with two neutrons to rub together must see and understand the obvious.

And it transitioned seamlessly from Dubya to Barry. Not a glitch or hiccup in the globalist stranglehold over rational thought. They never missed or skipped a beat. And whenever the natives might seem to be restless — which they never are — we drop a 9/11 reference, trot out some bin Laden B-roll (with any and all of the various UBL’s on file) and like the crying baby who’s lulled to calm with jiggling keys as a distraction, so are the unenlightened and unimaginative.

Drug prohibition never works. It’s not about drugs; it’s about profit. And control. Corruption, the dissolution of individual rights under the Constitution, filling private prisons, suppression and oppression, revenue, the law and order schmaltz. Prohibition never works, it never worked and the money and treasure and resources are best directed to treatment and education. But that only makes sense. There’s no money to be made with ending the problem that’s the golden goose of targeted law enforcement.

It’s none of the government’s business. A fundamental question that’s never asked is do you have any rights whatsoever to kill yourself through drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, high fat diets, sedentary lifestyles, name it? Well, do you? What business is it of the government to attack a behavioral and medical problem with law enforcement and military assets? And sure, there will be more people addicted who’d never touch the stuff but for its legal availability. But since opium poppy grows best elsewhere you have to import the stuff. And with legalization goes the ungodly profit. Sayonara. Decriminalizing drugs in no wise removes addiction or dependency.

That’s done through education and treatment. If you don’t get that you must be high.

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