LIONEL VIDEO: Hibiscus Tea, Insane Funerals, The Insanity of God & Bilderberg

The term inter alia is often seen in legal writings and it means “among other things.” That is the basis of this preservation and disquisition. An assortment of myriad miscellany.

1. Make it a point to drink hibiscus tea every day of your life. It’s caffeine-free and contains some of the highest antioxidant factors on ten planet. Along with a couple of tablespoons of milled flax seed and you’re aces.

2. I first realized that adults were capable of insane ideations when they first laid on me the rules of God that to this day make absolutely no sense. Neither does having a stiff in a casket wearing glasses. The reason: Because Uncle Joe wire them when alive. He also took them off when he went to bed.

3. Since 1954 the Bilderberg conclave has met annually under inordinate security and super-secret conditions. Every year without fail. So secret were these folks that hey actually denied its existence for decades. In fact, if you deigned to mention them you’d be called a conspiracy theory loon. And the existential denials continued until they published their own website. Imagine that. In fact, ask yourself this question. What do you think ESPN would do if NFL owners met secretly every year under the cloak of darkness and inordinate security, often state sponsored? They’d be all over the story. So why is no one the least bit interested in globalist elites and heads of industry and entertainment and military and business along with government officials, often in violation of the Logan Act, meeting with so much secrecy and security? What are they hiding?

I’m hiding nothing. As you’ll see. Inter alia.

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