The 20th Anniversary of O. J.’s Murders: Part I – The Bastard’s Still Guilty

Bloody well right. This is about murder. A very bloody murder. Have you ever seen a crime scene? It’s something you’ll never forget. This is one of the least gruesome photos I’ve elected to show. I’ve left out the more grizzly photos of Nicole’s throat slit and in essence dissected so deeply she was virtually decapitated. Go ahead, look around. You’ll find them.

Because rememberer, this is first and foremost a murder. And not just any murder. This was the grandaddy of media murders, the one and only. Twenty years ago this week the country was riveted to their TV. This was before Twitter and Facebook, pre social media, pre blogs and microblogs, pre alternative media. June 13th was the murder. June 17th the slow speed chase. One of the more famous oxymorons next to criminal justice. Domino’s Pizza claims that deliveries that night rivaled the Super Bowl. The coverage was third when compared to 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. This event knew no peer. No equal. To this day it’s never been duplicated. And the case unfolded and developed on so many levels and planes. It introduced the country to DNA collection and contamination. Before CSI, before blue-gloved and booty-shod crime scene techs, before the careful and methodical work of today’s criminalist there were the bumbling, oafish Keystone Coppers of Lange and Vannatter, the nincompoop twins walking around with blood vials and evidence in their pockets. Truly amazing.

There was the incomparable Johnnie Cochran, whose juridical doggerel “If the glove doesn’t fit you must acquit” should have been met with “If you acquit you’re full of shit.” But I digress. And in reference to that jury, to be fair they were certainly within their rights To find reasonable doubt. I mean for Chrissakes, with Barney Fife and Goober at the helm, the case was replete with doubt.

But it was more than O.J. and Cochran and Mark Furman. More than Bronco chases and blood stains. It was about race, justice, injustice and the media. It was about everything. This is installment one. With more to come. I assure you.

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