On the Sixth Anniversary of the Death of the Prophet George Carlin

He was a prophet who might have made you laugh. But that was incidental. That was an added bonus. What he spoke of were subjects that more often than not were anything but funny. And he left a legacy of some of the most brilliant routines and writings and observations ever recorded.

His verbal facility was nonpareil. There simply was nothing like it. It was jazz. Lyrical, verbal jazz. And here’s why we may never see the likes of him again.

Why? Because in so many instances, in so many arenas what passes for Carlin is mockery of the opposing view, typically anything uttered by anyone from the GOP or Republicans or Tea Party. That’s not Carlin. He had platforms and positions and ideologies that stood independent of the object of targeted ridicule. Political discourse today is personal. Snarky, smarmy, impolite and hardly impolitic.

There’s nothing like him now. And with the exception of the late Bill Hicks, no one with the intellectual firepower.


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