Lionel Podcast: Mind Crack and Thought Candy

Me as I want. This is my podcast. There are none like it but this is mine. And it’s not free. Nothing’s free. But it will never be cancelled by impuissant corporate types or the rantings and ravings of the criminally stupid free speech scaredy cats and thought vigilantes. It’s without an F-bomb or expletive. It could play on any afternoon drive slot. As to cleanliness. But not to subject matter. You can’t say this. Or like this.

Build a better mousetrap. In this rendition I speak from the heart for 60.5 minutes. Straight. No break. No interruption. Free form, stream of heightened consciousness. Can you dig that? Can you handle that? No commercials, time checks, station ID. Nada. Hyper-personal. Directed.

Like yelling theater in a crowded fire. Take a good look. I’ve been podcasting for years and it’s truly nonpareil if find correctly. You’re going to see a lot more of this form. But it’ll never replace radio. Spoken word radio, I mean. (The most stupid phrase. Of course it’s spoken word. What? As opposed to written word?!) Music radio’s another story, but that’s not my bag. No, this will complement terrestrial or satellite.

You’re welcome. But don’t ever underestimate its power. Or its ubiquity.

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