Bitching & Moaning In 3/4 Time

“Life is hard; it’s harder if you’re stupid.” The Duke

The beloved meme. hive me the meme, the theme, the angle, that’s all I need. In this contribution, please find the immaculate miscellany. Appearances and thoughts, ideations and observations.

Reality is like a card store. You go to the section for the thought and feeling you want. We look to be affirmed, bolstered and reassured. We just want to have our worldview validated and ratified. That’s all. And that’s why I’m here. To destroy myth and obliterate political folklore. I smash consciousness into smithereens. Or something.

You’re welcome.

This was a fascinating concept in television. While the format may seem familiar the delivery platform of HuffPost Live was anything but. Extremely interactive and participatory; this is the template.

Kvetch 22. I love to complain. The indictment. The bill of particulars. The gravamen of my discontent. Let’s face it, who wants to hear an exhaustive list of smiley smiley crap. Let’s cringe in union.

I join the inimitable Errol Louis and Gerson Borrero. New York speed, New York paced on NY1. The institution. Subbing for my old pal, Curtis “Rock Sliwa. This is a New York mainstay.

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