LIONEL PODCAST: The Clueless Keith Olbermann

A challenge for Der Keith.

It all begin with a twisted dream.  I don’t know what got into him, the obstreperous Mr. O. I’m a fan of his style, raucous and confrontational if for no other reason than he’s not boring and I simply can’t take any more boring. Boring contaminates the Ted Baxter media. In fact were it not for boring there’d be nothing to hold it up. But Keef just went buggy on Matt Drudge and the ineffable Paul Joseph Watson, whose piece is contained infra for your perusal.

Keith Olbermann Trash Talks Drudge, Infowars In Bizarre Twitter Rant – July 30th, 2014

The truth is that the State is a conspiracy designed not only to exploit, but above all to corrupt its citizens … Henceforth, I shall never serve any government anywhere. (Leo Tolstoy)

The feller went plumb crazy on us, Sparky. It seems that he went ballistic over the notion that Messrs. Drudge and Watson along with me were conspiracy loons. “Tinfoil asshattery” if you will. And as I’ve explained, it’s not tinfoil. It’s aluminum foil. Not to mention the “PsychoLympics.” Oh, and he mentioned Mr. Drudge. Scattershot, shotgun, one size fits all ad hominem and pejorative.

But again, what’s critical is that he used the “conspiracy theory” pejorative. Which triggers the instant cessation to and of all discussion. Translation: lunacy.

Here Mr. Watson dissects and disassembles the fray with surgical precision and a smile.

“Sure he’s crazy, but what if he’s right?”

“At Current, television is all we do – that’s our business. We don’t have amusement parks I have to worry about, we don’t have environmental cases against us, we don’t have a series of outdoor-advertising companies.” (Keith Olbermann)


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