LIONEL PODCAST: It All Began As A Twisted Dream.

Do you want to go faster? This week I happened to focus in again on the amazing potentiator known as social media, a pressure valve into man’s idiosyncratic and charming lunacy. Every day someone’s writing a dead relative who believes that the hereafter connects to Wi-Fi. The usual procession of pets and children, both interchangeable as chattel. Idiotic anti-Israel chimings from the professional left who always seem to keep from mentioning anything about he culpability if Hamas. And assorted miscellany, too disgustingly period to mention.

‘Twas a great week for truth. Richard Gage on C-SPAN addressing certain aspects of the fantastic and mind-boggling mythology of the 9/11 mythology. More amazing insipidity the intellectual nullity of the Ted Baxter sockpuppet, bumper sticker, playbook, echo chamber mainstream media.
They encourage intellectual torpor and ennui. Asking too many questions especially when you question the official story will get you labeled a conspiracy nut. Asking too few questions will win you high journalistic praise as caution and control are rewarded and heralded.

Let me remind you, this is a paid podcast subscription. It’s been like that since I started, balling the trail. A pioneer. A trailblazer.

I could go on. And I have. In this latest rendition of my sonic thought.

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