C-SPAN and Richard Gage: The Glaring Inconsistencies and Impossibilities of the 9/11 Official Story

History was made this week. Mainstream media dared broach the subject of 9/11 examination. Not by and from truthers or conspiratoids but esteemed experts. My heart leapt; my soul wept. Could this mean that finally, at long last, we’d be willing to scrap the official story and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and take our time and carefully exact and parse the truth.

 What’s wrong with the official story? It’s official, right? Don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard anyone question the official story of 9/11, viz. that three steel structures imploded into their own footprints at freefall speed, all falling symmetrically and perfectly, mimicking a controlled demolition that we’ve seen so many times. And don’t feel bad if you’re not really use what the official story is. Join the proverbial club.

It’s magic. How was it that WTC 7 or Building 7 likewise fell perfectly, symmetrically and into its own footprint when it wasn’t hit by anything but allegedly collapsed via fire alone? You’ve heard folks immediately make excuses when challenged as to this. My favorite: The “debris” of the other towers caused structural integrity. This is a common reflex. When folks are challenged as to their beliefs they pull hypotheses and conjecture and theories out if their civilian arses. You hear this all the time.

Science asks questions, remember? These questions were asked by Richard Gage and AE911Truth and 2219 architects, engineers, structural engineers, physicists, metallurgists, demolitions experts, just to name a few. All with significant pedigrees and an impeccable provenance. And while they never reach or seek to reach any conclusion as to who was behind this horror, who benefited and the like, they merely asked the question of how could this have happened as NIST suggested.

Your NIST is on my list. And what was the most critical of this event is that mainstream media and a respected institution such as C-SPAN dared and deigned to invite Mr. Gage to speak. He was allowed to present his case cogently and clearly while the moderator, Peter Sien, the host of Washington Journal, presented the NIST perspective whilst citing with particularity its findings and refutations. Callers weighed in and with unanimity applauded Mr. Gage for asking those questions — again, only as to the physical evidence.

We distort, you decide. There was not the obligatory lip service to the dread conspiracy theory. Remember, as I importune you: be a conspiracy analyst, not theorist. In my almost 13 years of obsessive study as to that horrible day, this aspect of the official story is but a part of the endless questions that have been raised by countless experts and civilians and citizen journalists alike and remain heretofore unanswered.

I’ve never been harmed by the truth. The lies will kill me. I will never apologize to or ask permission to inquire as to what happened on that day. Five specific events (North Tower, South Tower, Shanksville, Pentagon – and Building 7) occurred that day and as is usually the case the American people trusted their government and media to ask every pertinent question and only give it the coast’s clear when all valid inquiry was made.

Nothing to see here, move on. But the Ted Baxter media never cared or cares about the truth. They don’t want to make waves or ruffle feathers. They want to play it safe and dumb. No hits, no runs, no errors. Watch the ratings and revenue. The truth sleeps during sweeps. Quiet, kids. Jiggle the car keys in front of the crying baby. Talk about Cronuts and the latest viral video of a duck playing the piano. Keep ’em sedated and glued. Win the quarter hour. Watch the competition and mimic and mirror. Woodward and Bernstein are dead. So’s Murrow.

The brave new world of the truth vigilantes. Enter citizen journalism and the like. The new breed of information gatherers. There’s no need for J-School degrees. As one media said, you only need a license to cut hair. And with C-SPAN and the great Brian Lamb stewarding the helm, there’s hope. Because nothing’s more fascinating and profitable and wonderful as truth. Brave, intrepid and ballsy truth.

Carry on. Remember: Never be afraid to ask questions. Never apologize for your skepticism and believe nothing until it’s officially denied.



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