LIONEL PODCAST: Aren’t We the Good Guys?

The genius of daring to buck convention.

it’s anything but logolalia. In this my latest audio disquisition I wax prophetic and vatic as to the vagaries and idiosyncrasies and vicissitudes that make this insane salad bowl we live in even more insane. One must know when to be the microscope and when to be a telescope. When to focus in and close, when to back up and get the full picture. The depths of social media narcissism have been potentiated through the seemingly innocuous self-absorption spectacle known as the selfie. It’s a reintroduction of us to and with our infantile self.

Remember when it was good? Terrestrial and conventional spoken word and talk are the constant subject of industry investigation and analysis. Consultants make collective millions nationally dissecting and parsing the minutiae of stop sets, inventory, commercial and spot loads but never talk about the vapid product itself. The need for a revitalized, reenergized excitement to the medium. I’ve been fascinating by the notion of how to get millennials to the show. The one subject that’s oft-forgotten: exciting talk radio.

What fascinates me is what scares you. Herein I provide another disquisition and journey into the parallel universe that most news and talk and information media never venture in our towards, in a medium of podcasting that I’ve been at for lo these seemingly many years. And that now, as you can see, is invariably more available and profitable. Enjoy within reason.

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