LIONEL PODCAST: Why Did Robin Williams Hang Himself?

The most stupid yet oft asked question of the day. Truly amazing if you think of it. Let me clear this up. NOBODY KNOWS! There was no note and even if there was, suicide is not susceptible to rational explication because by definition it’s a direct and unnatural violation of the instinct of self-preservation and that doesn’t mean crazy, America’s favorite word for anything we can’t understand, grasp or explain. Thought and destructive thought can be potentiated by alcohol, drugs, depression, mania and various lethal tinctures thereof. There’s no apodictic explanation. Nothing black and white. There’s a multiplicity of gray. Manichaean dualistic cosmology doesn’t exist. You can’t apportion right or wrong or the sinful or pure. Lose the numinous appraisal. Suicide is awful and horrible and those who must live in a home where a loved one died and stiffened and decomposed is inexplicable. Accept the complexity of it. Embrace it.

Depression is a quaint term for mental hijacking. It’s a misnomer. Imagine inertia, being stuck, no happiness, sourceless despair, fugacious moments of just normal. Anhedonia. Serotonin and dopamine askew. Vicissitudinal emotion. You’re a prisoner of your brain. And what word do we use? Depression. The term used when the Mets lose. Sad. Down in the dumps. That doesn’t even approximate the hell the clinically depressed experience.

Everything you think and feel is brought to you synaptically through a series of carbon-based neurotransmitters. Everything. And with that comes the concomitant concern that Big Pharma and its SSRIs and psychmed witches brew, admittedly a life savior to so many, may tamper with and tweak the critically sensitive balance of the mind. After all, why is there literature that warns against suicide in cases where people seek the very medication to stave off and prevent suicide? Can you say irony?

If you ever doubted Twitter, Monday night should have dispelled such. It was a nuclear blast of data. Plain and simple. And by the time the Ted Baxter sockpuppet media even cobbled together their first inane response of schmaltzy graphic or package, the world was already off and reading and reacting and digesting the loss. And that’s why, as Mubarak proved, Twitter will be the first to be shut down in the case of societal calamity and revolution. Gawd forbid.

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