LIONEL PODCAST: The Uncensored, Unedited and Unplugged Randy Credico Interview

Ineffable, inimitable, sui generis, nonpareil. But enough about me. Randy Credico is a personal hero of mine in so many ways and for so many reasons. And that’s an overused word I know. But his intrepid spirit and fearlessness are rare commodities in the United States of Torpor. The subject of an award-winning documentary entitled 60 Spins Around the Sun. Candidate for New York Governor. Comedian, activist and the former Director of the William Moses Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice. Impressionist of renown, historical savant, gadfly . . . you get the idea, I trust.

The recordation via telephony. I hit the record button and let it all hang out. It was glorious. Free form, freestyle, wide open and rip-roaring. It wove and swerved and slalomed and caromed. Stream of consciousness often unconsciousness perhaps. Plenary and replete with everything and anything. It was a delight. And if you know me, you know I don’t cachinnate and chortle often, not one to guffaw or kneeslap. Except for this interview and discussion with a truly amazing and fascinating man. While so many bitch and moan and complain, who among us are so motivated they run for office? Who spends long and arduous days campaigning to repeal draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws out of a sincere and deep concern over mistreatment? Randy Credico. He’s a brilliant man. In conversations he freely references historical precedent and anecdote. It’s not a schtick. Or a gimmick. He’s not just paying lip service. I admire commitment and conviction. I admire activism and involvement. Admit it, you do too.



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