LIONEL PODCAST: What You Need To Know About Ebola To Be Smarter Than 99% of the Population

Two NYPD officers inadvertently become universal and viral (pun intended) laughing stocks. After leaving the Harlem apartment building of Dr. Craig Spencer – the first confirmed Ebola case in the New York City – they were observed (shockingly) dumping their protective gear and crime scene tape in a public garbage receptacle on the street. It might be really no big deal. Let’s hope. But what kind of training did they receive at least as to public relations and perception?

Understand how epidemics work. There are two factors required: (1) the contagion itself; and (2) the right infrastructure and medium to allow it to foster and grow and flourish. That latter component usually consists of horrid living conditions, poor sanitation and water systems, inadequate nutrition and the like. We are simply ill-equipped and unequipped to handle a first class pandemic. 

The esteemed historian, Dr. Webster Tarpley, in his letter to Congressman Chris Van Hollen in 2010 wrote in part the following that I commend to you. Note in particular the reference to the Hill-Burton Act of 1946.

We need to build 1,000 modern, state of the art hospitals with 500 beds each just to reach the minimum of targets set by the Hill-Burton Act of 1946. We need to train 250,000 doctors over the next ten years. These goals require serious investments, not subsidies to predatory insurance companies who are going broke because of their reckless derivatives bets.

This should be simple, right? After all, we’re the greatest country on the face of the Earth. Right? And it’s that very warped and hallucinogenic exceptionalism that will destroy us. We’re not the best, not the biggest, not the only. We rank only above Great Britain and Ireland in matching Hill-Burton Act standards. The Czech Republic surpasses us, got Chrissakes. We’ve been enslaved to our masters, the globalist financier elite. Asset-stripping jackals who strip and shatter and devolve and devour.

When you see dead Ebola victims strewn about African villages, don’t don your usual air of the dismissive affect. This is the incubation ground zero of global pandemics. Tell the WHO and IMF and central bank oligarchs that they’re about to be nationalized of internationalized. Let’s show them a thing or two about asset stripping. After all, we’ve learned from the best.

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