LIONEL PODCAST: America As You Knew It Is Doomed

This actually is perhaps the most accurate depiction of the role of modern-day POTUS. He’s a wholly owned puppet of Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Trilateral Commission, CFR, Wall Street, the military and prison industrial complex, asset-stripping austerity jackals and derivatives ghouls, ruling class bankster cliques, demagogic frauds and sloganeers. Let’s see, have I left anyone out?

But that can change. It can change by a top-to-bottom, inside-out reversion and revision. It requires an educated population and cadres of skeptical voters, who eschew the usual tripe and tropes of the nattering bands of elected, selected and appointed rubes. The mainstream media apparatchiks must be exposed altogether as double-agents for the ruling class. Their message is responsible for misdirecting and distracting the limited attention span of a gullible and gutless society of self-indulgent, obese, sports-fixated historical illiterates.

Enter the prized millennial. We’re turning out generations of torpid slackers who’ve been reduced to packs of mumbling sloths, thumb-tapping emoticon-laden glyphs, clueless and vapid dolts whose entire response palette consists of either “hilarious” or “awesome.” And this band of self-obsessed nonentities is lovingly referred to as the much sough after millennials.Marketing gurus love to speak of them as a group with one common brain. A group of attention-deprived zombies who require that the panoply of thought be reduced to bite-sized morsels of evanescent idea quanta. But these, I submit are the exception. There are more citizens of all ages who truly care. More than the marketers have en considered.

Fads, trends and schmaltz. You see, we love to group: baby boomers, Gen-X’rs and the like. We’re a country in love with a fad. Any fad. Fads, trends, name it. We’ll wait in queues for NSA tracking devices, we’ll tattoo our necks as long as it promises us coolness. Adults will Botox, spackle and inject their faces with fillers and expression killers resulting in distorted and hideous mugs, maws and punums. All for a fad.

Hie! It probably is too late. But a sizable contingent lies in the background and in wait. Ready to pounce and act and revolt. They’re the alternative voices and the alternative media whose numbers are colossal and whose ages are varied. They are ready, willing and able to take drastic measures using drastic means: The revolutionary power of rational, critical and educated thought.

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