LIONEL PODCAST: A Most Unsettling Election Day Overview

Sorry to burst your bubble, but voting for these clowns is a waste of time. That’s why we need a revolution. But in the mean time, I’ll visit my local precinct, stare in amazement at the bunch of poll workers who seem devoid of any reality tether and proceed to cast a vote for every fringe candidate and no on every referendum. Why? Out of protest. How sad that this is the current crop and bunch of potential candidates. In a country of over 316M, this is what we have as choices?! The country’s path is scripted.

Your platform. Herein this podcast are my thoughts and dreams and hopes and wishes as to what issues and causes and directions should be taken by politicians and my government. It will never happen. Without a revolution.

And now, your featured attraction.  Now you know why you never wash a rental car.

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