LIONEL PODCAST: The Stuff That’s Fascinating the Mainstream Media Never Touch

Do you notice anything odd or “interesting” about this report title? If so, Tweet me @lionelmedia. It should be readily obvious.

Why? Why are some of the most fascinating subjects imaginable abandoned altogether by the moth-balled mainstream media? Wait, I just answered the question.

The man, the source, the gold standard. Stanton T. Friedman, is a rock star Ufologist of the first order. Clearly and simply, no one has devoted more time and educated and well-thought attention to the subject than he. He became interested in UFOs the year I was born. And until very recently, I had not so much as a passing interest in claims that I believed were all too often the presumed fantasy of some dentally-challenged rube who was plucked from his double-wide, smack dab in Hooterville to be anally probed by some wan-completed macrocephalic pallid critter. This was my mantra, my speech, my rote response to any lunatic and fanciful dream-believer who’d dare utter certitude anent the existence of extraterrestrial star hoppers.

I don’t say that any longer. I listen today. And wonder. And stare in rapt attention and mind-boggling awe at the evidence that’s been here the whole time. As, apparently, do the Vatican and Dan Aykroyd inter alia. We think nothing of fealty to the most insane of religiosity. In fact, such a connection doesn’t exist. And I’m not advocating such. If you want to talk conspiracy, behold the conspiracy to quiet and shut down any discussion as to extraterrestrial life and, moreover, multiverse visitation. That’s breathtaking awe-inspiring, I assure you.

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