LIONEL PODCAST: The JFK Assassination Was a Conspiracy of American Intel and Organized Crime

Behold JFK’s assassination. Take a good look. This is what it looks like when a President is removed via a coup d’état. Nasty, cold, lethally efficient. The consummate dispatch. An evanescence and ablated tenure. And that’s precisely what happened 51 years ago this week(end). This was a conspiracy, plain as day. Say it. Don’t run from it. It was a conspiracy. The Warren Commission was also a conspiracy and a pathetic joke . . . no, a bad joke . . . and it led and paved the way for government complicity and coverup couched in commissions to be facially farcical at best. Just look at the embarrassing 9/11 carnival. It was then a time when organized crime and American intel were ofttimes so interrelated, merged and entwined that you couldn’t tell who was the bad guy and the really bad guy. This was a President who threatened the CIA existentially that he wanted to “splinter the[m] . . . into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.” Wowser. That sealed his fate. And the ultimate and sick irony of ironies? Having Allen Dulles on the Warren Commission. Incredible! the choir sings. They must have had quite the chortle then. Remember also Calogero Minacori aka Carlos Marcello who quipped you kill the dog by cutting off its head, not its tail. This is textbook, boilerplate conspiracy.

Watch this superb piece by eminent alternate media sage Paul Joseph Watson. This is simply and indubitably breathtaking and why our own Ted Baxter sock puppet mainstream media aren’t repeatedly reviewing this is beyond me. It’s just another point of extreme fascination that I have as to the most obvious case of inside job ever recorded in the annals of encyclopedic inside jobs. Thank Gawd for the ferocious alternative media.

It changed my life and my perspective. This horrific moment changed and cemented my worldview and spectrum life and makes me who I am today: suspect, untrusting, unflinchingly skeptical and not a conspiracy theorist but a conspiracy analyst. Thank you, GV. In my lifetime I’ve known assassination rhythms during a five-year span from 1963-1968. JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers and the three American civil rights workers: James Earl Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael “Mickey” Schwerner. And throw in Vietnam, the Gulf of Tonkin fiction and Watergate for good measure. I was born in conspiracy; it’s all I’ve ever known.

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