LIONEL Returns to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Lionel returns to Coast to Coast AM. What can you possibly say about George Noory that hasn’t already been said? On January 12, 2015 CE, I graced the portals of his blockbuster show and for two hours discussed a panoply of subjects from the hyper-militarization of the police to the Hegelian Dialectic in action to UFOs to conspiracies to . . . name it. Here’s how George saw it.

In the latter half, TV and radio news decoder, legal analyst and renaissance lawyer, Lionel, talked about the increased militarization of the police, and various alternative media topics. He cited the mind control technique known as Problem Reaction Solution, in which a problem is created, a reaction is manufactured, and a solution is proposed, all by the same manipulators. The solution government has presented is hyper-militarized police, he suggested, but in exchange for what seems like more security, we have left the notion of the police as being friendly and there to assist in the dust. What are your views on police militarization?

Lionel also differentiated how he is a conspiracy analyst rather than a theorist, and spoke about his interview with Stanton Friedman, who has called the UFO cover-up a ‘cosmic Watergate.’

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