LIONEL PODCAST: My Joe Franklin Eulogium

Simply ineffable. Nonpareil. Joe Franklin’s late night television extravaganza, from 1950 to 1962 on WJZ and then until 1993 on WOR, cannot and will not ever be equaled on Mother Earth by anyone at anytime. To this day he’s in the “Guinness World Records” as the longest continuously running talk show in TV history. In fact more than a decade longer than Johnny Carson’s fabled tenure. He interviewed everyone of note in the world of entertainment with and in a style no one can or could match. Could you imagine a news director today hiring Joe? That would require an appreciation for kitsch that’s sadly nonexistent. But more importantly, he was a New York legend, a character, an icon. Sui generis and nonpareil. Conditions don’t exist any longer for there to be another Joe Franklin. Née Joseph Fortgang he lives on forever in our memory lane. YouTube cements his genius. His talent was in the seeming incongruity of the guest list. The variability and range. He really was as great as we say he was. It’s not auto-mourn, it’s not contrived lachrymal funereal schmaltz. He was truly that great. Truly. Thank you, sir.


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