LIONEL PODCAST: Anti-Vaxxers Are the New Crop of Hated Conspiracy Theorists

Argot. An anti-vaxxer is a derogatory slang term for an anti-vaccinationist or one who opposes vaccinations. They join the list of truthers, birthers, deathers and climate change deniers as the latest crop of paranoid, baseless, tinfoil hat conspiracy theory loons. It’s the latest attempt to demonize and ridicule an entire group and class of individuals.

This is the anti-vaxxer message. In a nutshell, this is their position. That kids are being forced to endure a host of untested, thimerosal and mercury-tainted poisons that cause or are linked to autism and a host of behavioral disorders. That it’s all a part of a grand new world order, globalist, UN-based, psychotic eugenic Malthusian nightmare to sterilize, castrate, lobotomize depopulate a sheeple society. Bill Gates is its master and your children are his slaves. And do you think that the autism pandemic is coincidental? Wake up! The sheer number and frequency of vaccines are unbelievable and if you can’t see that, you’re nuts. Medicine and pharmacology have made mistakes throughout history. can you say thalidomide? Lobotomies were once the rage. And must I remind you that Ignaz Semmelweis, the 19th century Hungarian physician, thought it peachy for doctors to wash their hands in obstetrical clinics. They thought he was a kook! Wake up!

The vaxxer message. Do you want polio and smallpox again? Fine. Ask the kid on the left what he thinks about vaccines. So if you don’t care to join the 21st century, then move to a desert island. There’s nothing wrong with vaccines and if there was, the government would stop it. What are you, some conspiracy theory lunatic? You think the CDC is a conspiracy? My pediatrician, whom I trust, knows what’s best for my kids and his kids and she wouldn’t suggest some poison for her own kids if here was a reasonable risk of harm. Vaccines should be mandatory. Period. No questions asked.

Enter Chris Christie. While in England, Double-C said “there has to be a balance and it depends on what the vaccine is, what the disease type is, and all the rest.” He added, “Not every vaccine is created equal and not every disease type is as great a public health threat as others.” Uh oh. He’s officially thrown down the gauntlet. And in the UK no less, he crucible of globalist groupthink. Wow. Sit back and watch the fireworks now.

This podcast. Herein I explain how the anti-vaxxers are immediately being marginalized and labeled as the newest crop of loons. Exhibit A: Jenny McCarthy. Remember you always attach someone who attracts derision to a cause you loathe. I describe the memes, the theories and what you should pay attention to to form your own opinion and worldview.

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