LIONEL PODCAST: UFOs, Geoengineering & The Myth of ISIS’ Invisibility

Think this was some accident? That recently departed White House adviser Podesta just decided all of a sudden to drop this bombshell? Come on, Sparky, wake up. Something’s about to break and you’re being softened up. Because you’ve been under the illusion that UFOs are the subject and province of the nutjob, the loon. Not even close, my friend. So, where’s the mainstream media? Why haven’t they broached the subject now or ever? Because they’re feckless, impuissant geldings. No guts, no glory. No hits, no runs, no errors. Wouldn’t you have liked to hear about this? What news director or program honcho said no to this story? But they would have had no problem with another Bri-Wi or Kanye or deflategate story. We are doomed. As you know, this is a favorite topic of mine as exhibited by my interview with the inimitable and ineffable Stanton Friedman as to UFOs and flying saucers. You heard me, flying saucers. You didn’t hear this? What’s the mater with you? And you call yourself a sentient human being. Now, I’ve never seen anything that I’d call a UFO but I’ve never seen an electron either.

Foo fighters, not the band. It certainly seems. Thus spake and writ TIME.

The earliest UFO sightings in recorded history can be found in 4th century Chinese texts claiming that a “moon boat” hovered above China every 12 years. Other enthusiasts cite the Book of Ezekiel, in which a curious vessel dropped from the sky and landed in Chaldea, in modern-day Kuwait. A wave of sightings occurred near Rome in 218 B.C. and again in Germany in 1561. During World War II, Allied pilots coined the term foo fighters for the bizarre orbs of light that some insisted flew alongside their planes during combat.

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now. The CIA is most worried and concerned that a foreign power may soon be able to manipulate the global climate in ways that cannot be detected. Science fiction? Conspiracies? No, try the news. I’ll ask again: Where has the mainstream media been?

Introducing albedo. The Independent reports that “[c]onsultants working for the Central Intelligence Agency have asked Professor Alan Robock of Rutgers University in New Jersey whether it would be possible for another nation to meddle with the climate without being discovered, he said.” Geoengineering (or chemtrails as used by the uninitiated) has been the focus of two major studies by the Royal Society in Britain and the US National Academy of Sciences, which is funded in part by American intel. Both reports found that albedo (the Earth’s reflectivity) modification poses considerable risks as can be imagined but that geoengineering warrants more research. So, where’s the media coverage? <Crickets>

You mean to tell me . . . that no intel agency in the world has a bead on who the ISIS actors are? That none of its members have been ID’d by anyone anywhere at any time? That with our advanced methodologies in torture and interrogation, we can’t grab a few bad actors and take them out into the Indian Ocean with no theoretical jurisdiction and apply soldering irons and ball-peen hammers? I mean going medieval? Surely, you jest. I’m not buying it. And I’m not necessarily suggesting it, but our reluctance to go silent and deep as to these monsters makes no sense to me. After all, Saudi Arabia beheads those accused of sorcery — you know, as in Harry Potter — and we don’t say boo. But torturing the rank and file of ISIS that some informant will necessarily give up? Oh, that’s considered a no-no. Let me tell you the story of Columbo button Greg Scarpa, nicknamed “The Grim Reaper,” who persuaded (allegedly) a suspect who might have known something about the location of the bodies of missing civil rights workers in Mississippi in 1964 to come clean and fess up. Which he allegedly did posthaste after sucking the working end of a pistol and being threatened with slow and sloppy castration.

As I said, I’m not buying it.

As you’ll hear.

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