LIONEL PODCAST: Amy Schumer’s “C**t”

The perfect word for perfect deception. That’s the truth. Bullshit, that is. All that you’re told is mendacious connivance. Period. Partly with the desire to confuse and distort but mostly out of laziness and intellectual torpor. No need to clarify or explain. No need to illuminate and counter the status quo. The Jurassic mainstream media in particular are mere trying to tread water, unaware that there’s a landslide upon them, nearing down and in its crosshairs. They’ve no interest in challenging convention or the status quo. No concerns either way about much of anything. You’re awash in an avalanche of bullshit. How’s that for imagery. And it’s not necessarily from the media front tier itself. Everything, repeat, everything is perfumed with the contaminant and taint of bovine egesta. Herein, today’s playlist inter alia.

  • Amy Schumer. She’s box office and boffo. Without a doubt. And one more thing. Profoundly unfunny and ordinary. Pedestrian humor. And that’s a compliment. White trash and been there, done that. Bowling alley. The message is the shock, the words used, the unabashed scabrous delivery. Unimaginative. “I’m gonna get it tattooed on my clit.” Feminism, that is. Wow, cutting edge. Bravo, Amy! Brilliant! And her deep thoughts on feminism. “I don’t think people know what the word feminism means: a social and political equality for women. I think if you’re against that, you’re a crazy person, or you don’t know what it means, and that we don’t actually have it is a bummer. It feels like we should be further along.” Double wow. This is her attempt at latching on to the meme, the idea, the label. Bumper sticker and playbook. Echo chamber and cookie-cutter. Feminism for dummies. Titular and scripted.
  • The human self has five components. Machines now have three of them. How far away is artificial consciousness – and what does it tell us about ourselves? This is very bad news. As I describe herein, when warfare was made impersonal and separate and far apart the frequency of war increased. When you dehumanize the contact and separate the context, you ensure that more wars will follow. With drones, satellites and a deadly telemetry, add to the list the robot two completely separate us from the heart and soul of devastation. Throw into the mix a concept that is never referred to by the Jurassic mainstream media, transhumanism (the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology), and hang on for your dear life.
  • The brilliance of “Schitt’s Creek,” cheap humor and feigned reluctance to pronounce the word. Amen.
  • Charlie Sheen joins the racist league. The most overused word next to awesome, hilarious and epic. Charlie refers to Obama’s admitted provenance and his stepfather’s surname and the knee-jerk, Pavlovian obeisant usual suspects weigh in with pitchforks and torches aloft, screaming racist!
  • GMOs at SXSW. The most misunderstood threat to humanity in years. And you would think with all of the counterfeit healthy types with their yoga mats and smoothies and cleansings and detoxifiers and purgings, you would think they would know a thing or two about GMOs. Critical concepts: you would think.
  • The Obama-Bibi “work.” You should not expect the professional left to have a clue as to what the reason Israeli elections were all about. But in what could be one of the greatest examples of Machiavellian conspiracies, wouldn’t it be interesting if Obama and Bibi contrived and constructed the entire event for the latter’s benefit?
  • Feckless news media. Admittedly a fixation of mine. In view of the hubris and self-styled expertise that these autodidacts and children purport to evince, I must enjoy the topic because it consumes me daily.
  • The five shits. Bull, horse, ape, bat and chicken. The scatological quintet. Now, while I’m not wont to wax profane I do love eloquence and breviloquence in particular. But bullshit and horseshit connote falsity. Apeshit and batshit indicate becoming over-enthused and losing one’s mind. And chickenshit is the ultimate in de minimis.
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