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LIONEL PODCAST: Stories the Jurassic Mainstream Media Missed Altogether

Orwell simply had no idea. “The media is the right arm of anarchy,” thus spake Dan Brown. Can I hear an “Amen!”? They still enjoy cover from the hoary and anachronistic that they and we share concomitantly an interest in news proliferation. Accurate at that.

Controlled diversion. In fact I can think of no better anarchic co-conspirator than today’s news gatherers. In this, today’s audio transmission I compared the “front pages” of the New York Daily News and the New York Post with a very popular alternative news aggregator. The differences could not possibly be more startling and obvious. The mainstream media that we accept as authoritative provides a daily buffet of intellectual junk food. Cerebral poison and imagination killing contaminants. They repeat and do not report.

Hamburger Helper for the soul. They are pop culture generators and serve the front page, bumper sticker, echo chamber, cookie-cutter worldview of denizens of this most complicated social experiment. This, mind you, while they bemoan plummeting viewer and readership numbers. When newsrooms are shattered and institutional tabloids and newspapers are up for sale. Instead of shoring up their resources and making a full-fledged and bona fide commitment to readership culling, calling and attraction, it’s business as usual. More direct. More pablum and bunkum and intellectually void morsels of nothing. Listen to the stories I inform you about that I guarantee you, you will hear nothing about today from those you’ve entrusted to awareness to. And not his well that, as the Google story which I reference illustrates, the sources of institutional censorship will be from platforms and media that are not subject to state control and where allegations of state action would not lie. If Google can rank websites and in effect reject references to a site that it deems not verified, think what this means in the commercial circuitry of free thought. And when you have complicity between private entities and DARPA-like research configurations, it’s very difficult for the civil libertarian to unravel this Gordian knot.

LIONEL PODCAST: Why the Professional Left Can’t Grasp the Horrors of Net Neutrality


They never acquired a fear of government. It’s inconceivable to them, so let me try it again. From the top. Here’s what you need to know about why net neutrality is a horrible thing. Governmental control is unnecessary. Let the free markets and competition and innovation and the consumers speak. This may sound a bit trite, usually the refrain heard from the free marketeers of the prototypical right, but its verity is without question. We must eliminate the knee-jerk patellar reflex response that government will fix any problem or inconvenience that we encounter. The society has become so habituated to Big Brother and his officious intermeddling that a new neural circuitry has been created. A circuitry that not only tolerates but demands that government swoop in and involve itself with every aspect of our existence. Remember, we are asking for it. We are demanding it.

My friend. I trust that’s clear enough. And the very fact that I am having to repeat why free speech should remain completely and absolutely untouched and unregulated by any government agency or tribunal thereunder is amazing to me. Have they forgotten Orwell? Do they truly not realize that once you let the camel’s nose under the tent it’s over. Jurisdiction attaches. Regulation ensues. And prior restraint games a new foothold. This is dedicated to an old friend of mine who’s the prototypical, archetypal Al Franken acolyte who embodies this insanity perfectly. Who feels that when the liberal Optimates sign off on legislation it must have been thoroughly vetted and reviewed for its constitutional pertinence and safety. But what I see more and more is that the professional left are the most negligent when it comes to being the constitutional sentry. It is not my usual form to use terms such as left and right, as I eschew the already hackneyed left right paradigm. But I will make an exception in this case for clarity and shortcut purposes.

The unmitigated audacity. And to think my radical suggestion, my revolutionary position is to be able to allow you to always enjoy the freedom to say whatever you want.