LIONEL PODCAST: Why Warmonger Hillary Would Be a Disaster as POTUS

Hillary Rodham Clinton will not be elected President of the United States. Never. Repeat: Never.

She announced today. And while the scrums of her faithful acolytes surround her with plaudits and praise and paeans and economia and salivating support, they can’t tell you why. Facts, issues mean nothing. They never did. It’s like the Che T-shirt. It’s image and memes and symbols and semiotics. No chance of research here, kids. It’s feeling.

She’s the last person you want near the switch. This may have said it all. Hillary Clinton thought it was real funny when Mo Qaddafi was whacked by death squads we funded, fueled and contracted . So, who’s laughing now? In this 11-second video, then Secretary of State Clinton cachinnated about the fall of Mr. Q in the Sgt. Pepper getup, quipping, “We came. We saw. He died.” He was a sovereign leader that was demonized by the West, a sentiment echoed by the lapdog impuissant mainstream Jurassic ossified news media. This is no one I want near the football. Webster Tarpley in wrote a thorough review of Hill’s history in Hillary Clinton: The International Neocon Warmonger. I commend it to you.

Means nuttin’ to me. I care nothing about her family, marriage or ambitions. I care not about her gender or anything other than her stated and recorded history. Which is bleak. I care nothing about her sketchy health issues including prismatic glasses, concussion and brain blood clots. Same goes for Monica Lewinsky and the scores of Bill’s scores, including attempted rapes and the like. If Hill stood over Vince Foster and popped a cap in his noggin it means nothing. Servergate, no big deal. Whitewater, Rose Law Firm records, Chinagate, Travelgate, Filegate, her amazing cattle futures trades, Lootergate, drug dealer donors, Ponzi schemer contributors and I’ll even give her a pass on Benghazi. The following are the bases for my absolute fear and dread of Hill as POTUS.

  • What legislative history? “There is not one single example of any legislation with her name appended to it.” Her Senate biography is a scattered a laundry list of good intentions. This was padding her c.v. to create the illusion of experience.
  • Zero as Secretary of State. Maureen Callahan provides the following scathing indictment.

Her accomplishments as secretary of state are as unclear. She traveled to 112 countries, but again, she has nothing of consequence to her name: no peace treaty, no accord, no summit of consequence. Her defenders say that she helped restore America’s reputation in the wake of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; critics say she was too afraid to make a mistake that would affect her presidential run in 2016.

When asked in 2014 by Diane Sawyer to name her greatest achievement or “signature doctrine,” Hillary could not. “We haven’t had a doctrine since containment worked with the Soviet Union,” she said. “But we’ve had presidents who’ve made some tough calls and some hard choices, some of which have worked, and some of which have not.”

  • What matters. She’s a warmonger and chickenhawk of the first order. I commend to you this adumbration of Hill’s bellicosity and neocon sentiment for your perusal and review. Starting with her defense of Bill’s 1998 cruise missile strike on the El Shifa pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum, destroying the largest producer of cheap malaria and tuberculosis medication that provided over 60% of available medicine in Sudan, hill showed her true colors. Was it a post-Lewinsky distraction?
  • All we are saying is give peace a chance. In 2006 Hill supported sending UN troops to Darfur with support provided by NATO forces. Mo Q was crystal clear in his denunciation of this attack and intervention, claiming it was done not out of concern for Sudanese people but “…for oil and for the return of colonialism to the African continent.” Remember, most folks still think he had something to do with Lockerbie.
  • Then there’s Vlad. After Crimea chose the Russian Federation over Poroshenko’s proto-fascist rump state version of governance, Hill reached back into the anachronistic bag of tricks (and summoning Godwin) called Putin’s actions similar “what Hitler did in the ‘30s.” Hitler?! And with Ukraine on the front burner I don’t want her near the provocation switch.
  • Derivatives? Bill Clinton’s catastrophic repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act dissolved the firewall between commercial and investment banks. Glass-Steagall in effect prohibited commercial banks that dealt in usual bank-like activities such as managing deposits and providing loans from engaging in predatory loans and high-risk speculation. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, signed by Bubba in 1999, effectively obliterated Glass-Steagall and opened up savings and pensions to be looted from parasitic asset-stripping jackal banksters. And you can bet that Hillary would be right there.
  • She knows where her bread’s buttered. According to the National Review, Hillary netted a cool $400K from two “speeches” gave at a conference hosted by Goldman Sachs in October of 2013. Come on, Sparky. You know what this is about. And to be fair, they’re all Wall Street and bankster elite tools and shills.
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