LIONEL PODCAST: Join the Awareness Revolution

“Should I kill myself, or have a cup of coffee?”

Who is this? If you’re interested, find out for yourself. Google the quote, dig. Find out, use your curiosity as a cudgel. Accept nothing as fact unless you verify it. Expand your worldview, open your eyes. There are stories and issues and events that your mainstream media are ignoring altogether and if you think you’re going to learn what’s happening by the usual sources and suspects, you are amazingly incorrect. There’s a passivity around social media that breeds and inspires intellectual torpor. But herein I tackle a few issues that are on my mind that you might find relevant.

  • The complete fantasy of cleansing and detox as evidenced by the new batch of hipsters walking around with containers of green sludge.
  • The myth and fabrication of Hillary Clinton as a viable candidate and public servant.
  • Rioting versus anarchy versus controlled and systematic looting.
  • The ossified Jurassic mainstream news media distorting, distracting and redirecting attention from the veridical per usual.
  • Myriad arcana that the moment inspires.
  • But first, a disquisition on the criticality of Bruce Jenner infra.


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