LIONEL PODCAST: Baltimore Thugocracy Steals the Show Again

Baltimore apparently forgot the cause. Freddie Gray’s spine was severed after he made eye contact with the police and then ran. He died mysteriously in custody. He had a record, though that excuses not any mistreatment, and the case is being investigated. But the matter was seized as an excuse for thugs, bands of larcenous and marauding criminals, kids and punks, opportunistic lowlifes to co-opt the ostensible subject matter of the riots and have at it — pillaging, looting and steeling. It’s about crime and theft. Teens for the most, punks and thieves having a grand time while the Jurassic ossified mainstream media wring their hands over white guilt or whatever the reason trying desperately to cobble together a reason for this utter breakdown of order and society. They provide post hoc rationalization for crime. They’re as insane as State Department clown Marie Harf who suggested in February that ISIS was a problem of no economic solutions and opportunities. It’s a product of our inability to critically think, to understand that snatching Doritos and emptying a liquor store have nothing to do with protest.

The theme’s not new or unique. It’s been with us for decades. There’s a riot going on as Mr. Stewart intoned in 1971. But what’s missed is the fact that rioting has nothing to do with addressing a grievance. So habituated are we to the notion of grievance = riot = liquor store pilfering that we forget to stop and call out the insanity. The pathetic and saccharine media, spewing pantywaist platitudes of understanding the African-American plight is condescending and gratuitous at best. There are many of us who’ve railed against police excesses for years but never countenanced retail theft as a method of speech.

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