LIONEL PODCAST: Racist America Loves Racist News Spewing Racist Scheiße

Gee, what are the folks so upset about? Beats me. I’m doing OK. What’s the big deal? As reported by the UK Independent the Sandtown neighborhood of west Baltimore suffers (a) nearly 52% unemployment, (b) a life expectancy (69 years) 10 years shorter than the US average, (c) a median household income less than half the US average and (d) the nation’s fifth-highest rate of violent crime. Cf. Baltimore’s 52% unemployment with the 25-30% unemployment during the Great Depression that incidentally led to the rise of fascism in Europe and here we are. Yet the mainstream media Botoxed and spackled Ted Baxters only focus on one thing: riots. Show us the overturned burning vehicle, looters. Gotta show those looters! Give me a winded rioter, some monosyllabic cretin who doesn’t even live in the neighborhood but just followed the smell of the crackling tinder and the glow of the Klieg light. Show us the brave and intrepid newsbot wading through the crowds to engage a pilfering “thug” billeted in Baltimore as to why he acts so thuggishly followed by a disingenuous piece on whether “thug” is a code word for the dread N-word. Heavens! This is the depth of our Jurassic and ossified Ted Baxter news coverage. This is it. With no interest from anyone at anytime as to what policies were in play that turned “The Greatest City in America” into Fallujah on the Patapso.

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