LIONEL PODCAST: We Know Nothing! Nothing!

We know nothing! Nothing! We don’t ask or question or care. We’re busy. We have our boxing matches and royal births. We have a tissue-thin latticework of policy, ideology and what may pass for history. Our politics are titular and superficial at best. We don’t think, question and will never stray into any field that could in any wise be construed as conspiratorial. Heavens no! We have been duped into thinking that the left/right paradigm exists, that it means something, they represents substance. You have major mainstream cable news networks devoted to brand-name pabulum politics. We have overpaid underwhelming propaganda overlords who are being inched out and marginalized by alternative and foreign media and the Brobdingnagian blogosphere.

  • Take the latest information regarding the Stingray program. It seeks to redefine and simultaneously violate the core notions of the Fourth Amendment.
  • What’s that? That Stingray business. What is it exactly?
  • It’s an IMSI-catcher (International Mobile Subscriber Identity)Stingray. Illegal police surveillance. You know, privacy violations? Surveillance. The feds are trying everything under the sun to justify its existence. They claim you have no reasonable expectation of privacy as to your metadata. They even quibble over whether it’s actually testimonial evidence in nature.
  • Who cares and who knows? If it’s important they’ll tell me. This sounds like one of those crazy conspiracy theories you always talk about. And after all, these are different times with new threats and national security concerns. If we don’t survail and collect data and violate our collective rights, then the terrorists win. Or something.  And after all, I know the news media would have told me if there was something to this alleged monkey business.
  • But they did. Repeatedly. Well, not the ossified and Jurassic and usual Ted Baxter news media but alternative and foreign new systems most certainly did. Many times. Where’ve you been?
  • Whatever. I’m busy. I’m an American.

This podcast’s for you. Trust me on this one. After having been trained in conventional radio stylistics, there’s nothing quite like this for a number reasons. First, no commercials or stop sets or PSA’s or interruptions or studio tours or myriad intermissions. It is one continuous, free flow, free-form, spiritual conversation between you and me. Admittedly one sided, to be sure. It is nonetheless a fabulous platform and delivery system for edutainment.


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