LIONEL PODCAST: The Preposterous Farrago of Myth, Propaganda and Fantasy of UBL’s Capture and Dispatch

A farrago of nonsense. Behold the American exceptionalism meme, front and center. A Jerry Bruckheimer Production, if I’ve ever seen one. (And he’s been consulted in the past, as you well know. remember the Jessica Lynch saga?) Well, when it comes to the official narrative of dispatching UBL, it appears there’s another turd in the proverbial narrative punchbowl. Seymour Hersh wrote in essence that the UBL dispatch and capture is 100% Grade-A propagandist bullshit. And with that, the apparatchiks were summoned to appear en masse to trash Ol’ Sy. To the rescue came CNN’s national-security analyst and Obama apologist, Peter Bergen, who ripped Sy Hersh’s story, which ran in the London Review of Books, as a “farrago of nonsense that is contravened by a multitude of eyewitness accounts, inconvenient facts and simple common sense,” causing many in the media to run to their Funk and Wagnalls for the first time in decades. Thanks, CIA, er, CNN!

Why would the CIA lie?It’s all wrong,” claimed the untainted and objective observer former CIA deputy director Mike Morell told CBS News’ Charlie Rose as he pushed his own book. “I started reading the article last night, and I got a third of the way through because every sentence I was reading was wrong.” And what’s more, he never finished the article! This is so old.

The Bin Laden Raid Was A Work Of Fiction, And Barack Obama Should Immediately Resign

A strong headline but I commend to you Mr. Snyder’s bases for such. And in addition, please consider the following. Remember, the weaponization of the term conspiracy theory as this will invariably come up.

Bhutto’s Final Words. In a November 2, 2007, interview less than two months before she would be assassinated, Pakistan’s 11th Prime Minster Benazir Bhutto was asked by Al-Jazeera English reporter David Frost about a letter that she had sent to Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf. The letter outlined who she believed should be investigated in the event of her assassination. While giving her answer, she listed as one of the suspects a “key figure in security . . . a former military officer in Pakistan” who had dealings with, among others, “Omar Sheikh, the man who murdered Osama bin-Laden.” I know what you’re thinking: What would a Pakistani Prime Minster know, right?

But wait, there’s more. Remember the hot one about how Obama and his aids huddled in the situation room to watch UBL dispatched in real-time helmet-cam action. Well, not so fast Sparky! Seems that Hillary may now be eligible for the The Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award for this piece of primo acting. Remember, she’s watching nothing. If you believe Leon Panetta, the CIA chief.

“We had some observation of the approach there, but we did not have direct flow of information as to the actual conduct of the operation itself as they were going through the compound.” Leon Panetta, CIA Director


(Telegraph) — The head of the CIA admitted yesterday that there was no live video footage of the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound as further doubts emerged about the US version of events.

Leon Panetta, director of the CIA, revealed there was a 25 minute blackout during which the live feed from cameras mounted on the helmets of the US special forces was cut off.

A photograph released by the White House appeared to show the President and his aides in the situation room watching the action as it unfolded. In fact they had little knowledge of what was happening in the compound.


Mr Panetta said: “Once those teams went into the compound I can tell you that there was a time period of almost 20 or 25 minutes where we really didn’t know just exactly what was going on. And there were some very tense moments as we were waiting for information.

“We had some observation of the approach there, but we did not have direct flow of information as to the actual conduct of the operation itself as they were going through the compound.”


Mr Panetta also told the network that the US Navy Seals, rather than Mr Obama, made the final decision to kill bin Laden. 

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