LIONEL PODCAST: The Racial Double Standard of the Waco Biker Shootings

Notice anything odd? Look at how this lone cop is standing, backed turned, to these hoards of gang members involved in shootouts and – get this! – threatening cops. No RoboCop gear, MRAPs, Kevlar, shields, drones, dogs, tear gas . . . nuttin’! Amazing, isn’t it? And if they are corralled and subdued via arrest, the participants are not referred to as thugs and, better yet, the altercation is referred to as a “mêlée.” How quaint. I prefer kerfuffle. There are no disquisitions and analyses on the role of absentee fathers on these bikers previoutating violence against society and/or police officers. No mention of religion. No references to what particular music styles might encourage this type of behavior. No categorization of the event as “white on white crime.” In fact, look again at this officer standing with this back to the nabbed Cossacks and Scimitars. He seems almost naked in terms of the dearth of 1033 battle surplus and overkill armament that we’ve become sadly used to. You have to be in a coma not to immediately realize the difference in reportage. To call the double standard misses the point altogether. It’s deeper than that and more emblematic than symptomatic.

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