LIONEL PODCAST: We Live in an Asylum

What does not destroy us maims us. What the hell was Nietzsche thinking?This idea that somehow catastrophe forges our strength and steels our mettle is beyond absurd. It’s poppycock and bunkum. It’s yet again another mindless reference often cited and repeated by the mindless. What does not destroy me, what comes short of destroying me, oftentimes is incalculably devastating. It’s like those lunatics who rephrase and repeat and reiterate carpe diem! Or that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. Tell that to a stage four cancer victim hanging on in a blinding terror. Go ahead, Mr. Positivity. God, how I hate mindless tropes and silly aphorisms. Keep your nostrums to yourself.

We’re gone. This country needs a psych eval and stat. We are unable to nuance and partition thought. We are kings and queens of double standards and hypocrisy and imaginary logic. We loathe the notion of double standards in media unless it is a double standard that we approve of. It’s not that we are a racist country, but rather, we are a country so blinded by race. This podcast is a continuation of yesterday’s discussion on the Waco “kerfuffle” any further disquisition on myriad topics anent this country that I find thoroughly fascinating.

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