LIONEL PODCAST: Ignorance Is Indeed Bliss and Prototypically American

America has always talked a great game when it comes to the military. Uncomfortable fact: 12% of US homeless adults are veterans with 50% having serious mental illness. Oh, there he goes again, ruining Memorial Day weekend barbecue and beach fun and frolic with the facts! Knowing, learning, reading and understanding puts folks into the unenviable position of knowing what’s true and what’s fiction. Our veterans, whom we proudly and publicly proclaim we love, need our immediate help. Platitudes and symbolic gestures are nice, it’s a start, but that’s not what is required. Mental health evaluation, outreach and treatment, especially, are critically needed. And in addition to honoring service nd those who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice, stop the next war.

Don’t bother me, I’m too busy waving this flag. Ignorance is indeed bliss. It’s glorious. You don’t have to be concerned with pesky reality. Myth, fable, lies – who cares? Look, face it. Americans are busy with memes and perceptions and feelings. Not reality. And it’s a glorious weekend and there are barbecues to attend and melanomas to bake. Enough with the guilt! When it comes to waxing patriotic all you’re going to get is a pithy phrase, a snappy salute, a timely tweet and a “patriotic” post. Something about “never forget” or . . . something. And remember, you can’t forget something you don’t and didn’t know in the first place.

‘War is Terrorism with a Bigger Budget.’ There’s still a fetishization of war and combat. Layered with misplaced patriotism and statism. It’s by no means deliberate or negative in intent. It’s just the way we’ve been programmed. But even the best of programing can be upended.

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