LIONEL PODCAST: The Lobotomized States of America

With all apologies to the lobotomized. We know nothing! Nothing! About anything. And we prefer to keep it that way. But, let me clarify that. It’s not we, it is they. They prefer to lapse into the warm self-induced coma of nescience. Unaware, unattuned and unafraid. You can’t fear something you don’t know. But that refutes the notion that I believe that it’s the unknown that’s the most frightening. To you and me, sure, but not the masses. Apparently. To not know how horrid things are or how badly you’ve been duped and deceived is an understandable reaction. But not for us. We crave truth and bad news. We fear not verity but cringe before illusion and delusion. To you, this podcast is dedicated. And remember as Huxley advised, “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

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