LIONEL PODCAST: The Suspicious and Unbelievable Facts of the Prison Escapees – Conspiracy Theories and Utter Nonsense

Richard Matt, the “Genital Giant” felled by a head shot trifecta, and David Sweat, “Mr. Inconspicuous,” popped with a two-tap center of mass shot by a dead-eye Trooper now hailed as hero, after being seen jogging in cammies. Jogging!

Governor Cargo Pants. Andy says “the nightmare is finally over.” No, he’s still Governor of New York but the two escapees are caught. The facts are, well, interesting.

  • They used pepper from shakers in hunting cabins to throw dogs off his scent – a common household trick favored by drug smugglers, and dramatized in the 1967 classic Cool Hand Luke. Pepper? Bloodhounds and trackers thrown off the trail of two smelly, sweating, funk-dripped escapees?!
  • Where were the drones? The world is filled with drones of every size and description. Why not have a full-blown vigilante invite to every drone flier to fill the skies of Clinton County? The hum and drone of drones might have flushed out these two killers.
  • Was shooting Sweat truly heroic?! See infra.
  • So, Matt was found with a 10 gauge shotgun after “[t]he driver of a recreational vehicle called 911 when he heard the initial shots. He kept driving and called 911 a second time when he realized his camper was hit, the officials said.” Huh? Matt’s taking potshots at drivers with a shotgun that miraculously shoots bullets?!
  • Now, follow this logic. Police investigators traced the site of the initial gunshots to about eight miles back from where the driver stopped and discovered the bullet hole in the back of his camper. From a shotgun?! Officers then came upon a cabin where they smelled gunpowder, as if a weapon recently had been fired, New York State Police Superintendent Joseph D’Amico said. And how did they smell gunpowder eight miles away? Does any of this make any sense?
  • How did we learn that the Genital Giant Matt was mentulate?
  • Andy bollixes it up. The New York Daily News reports financial issues may be partly responsible for Richard Matt and David Sweat‘s June 6 prison break. Two guard towers at the Dannemora prison were left unmanned because Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration tried to reduce overtime spending. The Albany Times-Union adds similar concerns prevented a lockdown and search of every cell at the prison after a large fight between dozens of inmates days before the escape — again, due to overtime pay concerns. A Cuomo spokesperson denied cuts were made that could have prevented the breakout. Aides told the Daily News that the number of uniformed officers at the maximum security prison and overtime pay are both up, despite fewer inmates. But sources tell the New York Post that some are still pointing fingers at Cuomo, accusing of him of hindering the manhunt on the first day of the search for Matt and Sweat. The governor appeared at the prison on Saturday, June 6, and allegedly distracted investigators, separated law enforcement agencies and aimed to ensure New York State Police got the credit for the potential capture.

Officer Cook, the hero. I’m not about to quibble over the definition of hero, but Sergeant Jay Cook, 47, of New York State police, shot Sweat twice after he spotted him ‘jogging’ down a road in Constable wearing cammies, around two miles south of the Canadian border, on Sunday. Sweat refused to stop and when he got near the tree line, Cook popped him in the torso with a deuce. Looks like a kill shot as in center of mass. Fine. I’m not complaining, but is that heroic under the definition as courageous, valiant, valorous, lionhearted, superhuman, intrepid, bold, fearless, daring, audacious. It was dumb luck, or as they call it in law enforcement, a grounder. Look, Sergeant Cook, go anonymous.

Are you nuts? Take this down now. Does the name Arnold Schuster mean anything to you? There are lunatics in the world who feel some strange affinity for escapees and seek their own fame.

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