LIONEL PODCAST: The United States of Distractions – Trump, Confederate Flags and Mindless Political Symbolism

History would be a wonderful thing if only it were true. Thus spake Tolstoy. And no truer words were ever spoken. We care nothing about history, precedent or perspective. Our sense of criticality changes with the wind. We’re a country that’s obeisant and we follow a Pavlovian fealty to concepts we know nothing of. And when it comes to politics there’s nothing to simple or base that we won’t glom onto. Look, Donald Trump fouynd himself immersed in a controversy that he never could have imagined. He spoke from the hip and out of his arse and unlike the last time he dared to opine politically, viz. by questioning POTUS Barry’s provenance, this one stuck and a momentum ensued that he finds inextricable. And look at the derivative issues. Imagine you’ve just plunked down an astronomic amount of dough for a pied-à-terre or primary residence in NYC and the name Trump is strewn about and plastered everywhere. Now it’s taken on an ignominious reference. Think Shinola or, better, Ayds candies. Do you now want to live in the “Trump Tower”? Would you have a cause of action, à la a morals clause, that causes the name and marketability of a franchise or property via said ignominy? You can bet it’s being contemplated.

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