LIONEL PODCASTS: Trump, Guns, Putin, Perception, Media, Lies, Hillary, MSNBC, Sharpton and Stuff

Your perception and awareness have nothing to do with reality. Rather than provide a prolegomenon of this podcast installment, just listen. And, better yet, send it and forwarded to someone you know. Illuminate them and enlighten them with a view of the world that nobody, and I mean nobody, possesses our exhibits. And perhaps for good reason.

Remember Lionel’s Law. The law always lags behind technology. This was one of the most important cases that was announced this week regarding Facebook and privacy. I know the two terms should not be used in the same sentence, but it never ceases to amaze me how many people do not understand that nothing on Facebook or social media can in any wise be construed as safe and beyond the prying eyes of the government.

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