LIONEL PODCAST: The Danger of Lauding Donald Trump Speaking His Mind

Imagine DT sitting across from Putin. There has been a constant refrain I would like to clarify.

One of the most ridiculous comments is that, like him or not, at least Donald Trump speaks his mind. At least he says what’s on his mind. This is not a reason to vote for anyone or marry someone or go into business with someone or even know someone. Because the inability to filter that which is “on one’s mind” aside from being in many instances a sign of mental illness is a lethal combination. Having an otherwise good president with Tourette’s is dangerous. I’m not suggesting Trump is mentally ill, but while I agree with much of what he says, there is no way that you can deal with the leader of a country with strategic much less tactical nuclear weapons and say anything that’s “on your mind.” Not only are human lives at stake but the future of the free world.

Samuel Butler said that it is tact that is golden, not silence.

Candor without tact is deadly. Great for pretend reality shows but not for international diplomacy especially during these perilous times.

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