LIONEL PODCAST: The Media Have Become Pathetic News Grief Counselors

None of this makes any sense. Hillary has absolutely skirted the law. (Your pantsuit joke here.) Hillary scrubbed her server; ’twas cleaned and sanitized by pros. Just let that sink in for a moment. This is textbook obstruction of justice. Not only that, but the information that she had expurgated in bowdlerized in fact belongs to the government. Remember it is the subject matter and the data that are restricted and not necessarily the hard drives that such are contained in.

Imagine Nixon destroying his tapes. Imagine anyone destroying the subject matter which happens to be the evidence of a crime. Let me repeat again, this is obstruction of justice. Why is Hillary exempt from the law?

I discuss herein how the media have become grief counselors and a host of other pithy, pucky great comments and observations asked anent this feckless and impuissant group of invertebrates. 

How’s your blood pressure? This might change things.

The essentials. Please take note.

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