LIONEL PODCAST: The Death of New York City

New York is returning to the cesspool it was in the 70s. Slowly but surely. And we’re not talking the return of aggressive hoards of itinerant accordion buskers. No methed up Myron Florens shaking down unsuspecting and cowering tourists for their shekels. Tourists at Times Square being accosted and frightened by nude “performance artists” with their mammillae, areolae and pudenda camouflaged via farding. The horror. A comatose mayor, romanticizing about idealized Che fealty. The posterchild for clueless. Meanwhile the MSM focus relentlessly on that which is irrelevant and baseless providing rodeo clown cover for that which matters not. Relativism and internationalism as requistes for interpretation are discussed. Authority versus authoritarian. Corporatocracy versus fascism. The redirection of nationalism.

Enjoy, pilgrim. Listen.

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