LIONEL PODCAST: Times Square Nudity, Nekkid Women, Debauchery and Big Apple Depravity

This is what you’re fight for, boys. Behold the poster gal for freedom. The living and breathing performance arts, baby. Just look at her. Little Miss Sunshine. I give you the lovely and talented Ms. Sandy Kane – who claims (I swear) to be 52 – and who plies her gravity-weathered topless trade in Times Square wearing stellar pasties, a crushed cowboy hat, a “wig” (believe it or not) and a guitar slung over her wan shoulder, wanted a cool $2 Mil for her wrongful arrest in April 2014. The NY Post reports that “she claims the cop who cuffed her was just filling his arrest quota when he charged her with having an ‘unattended package.'” Imagine that. The package, Kane claims, was her guitar case.

Let not the ravages of 6.67384 × 10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2  scare you. Whilst I applaud bold and audacious and inconvenient truths, I must say that I absolutely abhor the equally frightening notion of boorish and socially confrontational behavior for the sake of merely offending. And making a quick buck. Capitalism doesn’t necessarily assuage the fear of effrontery.

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