LIONEL PODCAST: The Uninformed Electorate and the Duplicitous Media

Ignorance is bliss but who knew it was this fun? This picture is emblematic of what the mainstream media do. They distract. The rather devilish fellow on the right is you, the consumer. The trollop on the left is the mainstream media, detouring and diverting your attention from that which really matters. Whilst the world teeters on war, as surveillance measures cause the 24/7 worldview panopticon to cement and focus on your every move, as your contaminated food remains unlabeled and your family unwarned . . . as the world crumbles, we’re focused on Donald and Hill and Ashley Madison hackers. Congratulations, America, you’ve been had.

But in a spirit of mirth and merriment, a video tutorial for you. You’re welcome.

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