LIONEL PODCAST: I Hereby Declare My Country Insane

The week has been brought with one insane moment after another. In review, I attempt to perorate that which we’ve endured in the hope of making some of it appear to make sense. But, face it. There’s no making sense out of this dreck.

The usual suspects. One of my favorite characters in the world of professional opinion is the person who takes the no shit circumstance and exploits it. To wit, lunatics killing innocent people. And the instrumentality itself is the sole focus of the analysis.

Thank God these people are not involved in epidemiology or working for the CDC. Thank God these people are not involved in trying to determine the causative factors that are involved in disease. Thank God these people are only involved in professional opinionating. Because if they employed this sophistry and casuistic illogic in trying to tackle cancer or child abuse or domestic violence or any other social problem, they would be stopped dead in their tracks at the first step.

Their sole focus is the instrumentality of the crime. That’s it. The availability of the gun. It doesn’t go any deeper than that or involve any other analysis other than a lunatic’s ability to secure a weapon. And then, after this brilliant observation is made, they offer absolutely no solution whatsoever to remedy it. It’s like the individual who screams about illegal aliens and then can’t tell you how we’re supposed to forcibly remove 50 million people overnight, due process rigors notwithstanding. There is apparently no ability to discern between correlation and cause. But so long as this sophistic argument has an audience we will hear more of it. As long as there are Americans who clap like barking seals whenever one talks about getting rid of guns or limiting gun crime or doing something about the availability of guns or something equally as obvious without any rational plan, we will certainly have more of this vacuous discussion.

It goes to show you one of the problems that I have been discussing for decades and that is the inability of Americans in particular to critically think. The inability to take a situation and to break it apart and break it down so as to review its component factors and try to assess a remedy or treatment. We simply are unable to do it.

And to be quite fair the so-called gun lobby, as evinced by the NRA in particular, does an absolutely pathetic job in explaining the position of the law-abiding gun owner and instead preaches to the already committed torch and pitchfork crowd.

The problem that we have in this country is a deepening mental health epidemic. And let me be specific. It’s the violent mentally ill and not the mentally ill. And to be even more specific, the issue of psychiatric medication that plays a role in virtually every one of these cases has been overlooked altogether or, worse, is not even being considered as a factor. The political clout that Big Pharma enjoys ensures that no legislative body or investigative tribunal will peel back the layers of the issue onion and go to the interstitial sources.

American political commentary is a perfect example of the defeat of the left/right paradigm. American political commentary has no interest in you cause or condition or fact or background or reality. You must take one position or the other and like the drunk at the end of the bar slam your fist and scream a series of obvious no shit platitudes and nostrums that your constituency will love and pat you on the back for. Logic be damned. Facts be damned. And reality be damned.

This has nothing to do with finding solutions but just playing the hits. The illogical hits. The no shit hits.

Who speaks for the rational? The American gun owner who is tired of being labeled as some type of a penis-envy psychosexual paranoid freak does a pathetic job in changing the meme and the perception of the constitutional right which formulates the basis for his exercise of self-defense and recreational shooting.

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