LIONEL PODCAST: The Cretins Are Winning

Behold the Lord’s warrior! Pointing to the marriage equality protesters gathered on one side of the courthouse lawn, the serially married Kim Davis’s current husband told the AP: “They want us to accept their beliefs and their ways. But they won’t accept our beliefs and our ways.” Their “ways,” however, include divorce, a practice prohibited by Christian teachings. Court records show Kim Davis has been married to Joe twice, with a divorce and another husband in between. Read more about her marriages and divorces here. 

And here’s the million dollar question. If she had refused to issue concealed weapons permits or gun licenses due to religious beliefs, the prototypical right would have had nothing to do with her. They would’ve demanded her head and would’ve been right. There are no constitutional bases that would allow a clerk to avoid ministerial responsibilities based upon her religious or conscientious belief. There is a very simple solution to this problem – quit.

Bread and Circuses and the Contemptuous Clerk Kim. There’s more contained herein – Trump, the increasing claim of shooting hoaxes and crisis actors plus a host of intellectual amuse–bouches for your intellectual digestion. Oh, and Ms. Davis makes the rounds.

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