LIONEL PODCAST: Benvenuto Santità!

The rightwing bumper sticker crowd calls him a lefty. This week brings us the momentous visit of Pope Francis I Bergoglio to the United States. It marks the first papal visit since Benedict XVI in 2008 and only the fourth in the nation’s history. And the usual suspects, the politically demented and dyslexic, can only phrase it according to their pathetic worldview.

Read this anon! I commend to you a wonderful review from our friends at TWSP/UFAA for your review. Here’s a salient portion.

Opposition to Francis is not limited to the political field. Over the last 18 months, a growing contingent of right-wing leaders in the global Catholic Church, among them bishops and cardinals, have attacked Francis, mostly over social issues such as divorce, climate change, and same-sex marriage. These scurrilous reactionary polemics have convinced many American Catholics that Pope Francis is not sufficiently in touch with what they imagine to be the traditional doctrine of the Church in these matters. Polls have indicated a significant drop in his approval ratings from 76% to 59%. In reality, Francis is a fine exponent of the social doctrine of the Church, and belongs in the same big leagues with powerful figures like Leo XIII Pecci and Pius XI Ratti. [TWSP/UFAA]

And one more point. Again, from our friends at TWSP/UFAA.

The Roman curia always tends to reflect and include all the sin that exists in the world. Dante Alighieri and Petrarch pointed out seven centuries ago that the College of Cardinals and the Roman curia are often places where Christ’s grace is “bought and sold” every day. Modern Vaticanology includes the “crows” (corvi) who filch documents to use them later for Watergating or blackmailing purposes. The crows ruled the roost under the infamous Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State (or head of government) who ran the show day to day while Benedict XVI Ratzinger spun his obscure webs of theology, surrounded by American priests.

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