LIONEL PODCAST: The Brutal Truth About the San Bernardino Massacre the Politically Correct Media Pray You’ll Never Hear

For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong.

Mencken said it best. But herein, I may just have said it better. I will discuss a variety of specious arguments being made from various groups and collect the points of view. As I’ve stated innumerably, the ability to critically think appears to be a lost art. But as lost artists, we will slog ahead nonetheless. And please note the actual reality and horror supra. That’s what needs to be told. The truth. Reality.

I call America’s approach and analysis of gun violence as the Chauncey Gardner Effect. Say the most base and simplistic truisms and vapid pronouncements and you will be met with wild applause.
To wit.
“Guns kill.”
“If there were no guns there would be no one killed by guns.”
“Terrorists shouldn’t have guns.”
Nothing’s too base or obviously silly. You’ll be lauded as a hero.
It’s the same as with death penalty arguments. “Of course it’s a deterrent, the executed will never kill again.” Simple. Unicellular. One-dimensional.
The problem is that while the country focuses on guns, it misses the issue of ISIS and how POTUS and NATO are avoiding the complicity of Erdoğan and Davutoğlu and ignoring the imperative of cutting the ISIS supply lines coming through the Jarablus Corridor, the 60 mile area stretching west from the Euphrates River towards the town of Kilis.
“Terrorism is bad.” “Murder is bad.”
Thank you, Mr. Gardner.

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