LIONEL PODCAST: Gun Grabs, “Making a Murderer,” Hillary Pilloried, Faux Lacrimation and Sockpuppet Media

FACT: Every country and government on the face of the Earth, every political party and inclination, every administration and President and Congress, all want more than anything to disarm its people and remove their ability to resist tyranny.

The country is simply unable to grasp the issue before it as to guns, crime, violence and constitutional rights. They believe the Second Amendment is about hunting or target practice. It’s personal. They cannot imagine nor do they seem to care about the issue and notion of gun confiscation and disarmament. Why? Because it’s an issue that’s not important to them. And when it comes to the so-called progressive or liberal, what is it exactly that they care about? What are the issues? Dunno. Contained herein are a series of topics presented expertly. You’re welcome.

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